who we are

Strategetic is a specialist marketing consultancy focusing entirely on the development and implementation of city specific strategies and marketing plans

We have consulted on every continent and have developed strategies for, amongst others, the cities of Adelaide, Cape town, Durban, Abu Dhabi, San Diego, Prague, and Bucharest.

We have also worked extensively and consulted, in the field of city trends and marketing to companies such as National Geographic Society, Discovery channel Networks, Fox channels, The Travel Channel and ATAP (Google)

Our interests lie in the comparative competitiveness of cities and the human dynamic influencing immigration, investment, study, education and leisure decision-making.

We broker relationships between cities and credible / authoritative media channels; ensuring subject cities are part of the audiences’ conversations particularly in regard to deliberation on investment, opportunities, studying, emigration and visiting.

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what we do

We have evolved three core competencies:

Strategy development; for cities who contend in this ‘people’ market and create implementation plans and processes to ensure success.

Business planning ;with city marketing authorities, their executive and Boards to ensure effective planning and efficient execution

Relationship broking; between the cities and their partners ensuring that marketing investment is spread amongst those who benefit and that there is public/private alignment and participation . Similarly we broker relationships between the city and marketing Partners such as media companies.


Develop innovative &
relevant city marketing


Develop implementation
marketing plans


Create partnership


Strategy development


Team effectiveness


Develop co-operative
business cases


Partner with the Executive to
secure partnership

Orchestrate message
strategy and engagement

why we do it

The global shift toward city competitiveness is alluring, intellectually challenging and of profound importance to the next generation

In many cases cities are unprepared for the seismic re-alignment of the people industry and the the marketing they have to do to be attract the most appropriate citizens

Mass urbanisation, social, financial and technological disruption has greatly affected peoples’ decision making processes. These collide dramatically in determining where they live, study, work, visit and invest.

Cities are at the frontier of this century; competing in ways not contemplated before, making their propositions the most provocative and demanding of all current marketing challenges.

how we do it

We have developed a simple, not ‘simplistic, process where we focus on four fundamental issues

    • What the 21st century means to cities generally and the subject city itself
    • The key success factors required to participate effectively in the ‘people’ market
    • Determining what can be done and what constraints exist
    • Development and execution of an implementable plan

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